Friday, July 16, 2010

New Drill Bit Gauges from Drill Bit Warehouse

Because of the great response on our prototype new drill gauges. We now manufacture drill gauges for sizes #1-#60 Drills as well as fractional sizes up to 1" in diameter. Made here in the USA. :)
Call us at 1-800-350-TOOL (8665)


adrix merkado said...

Thanks for sharing this information about drill bit gauges. it seems your an expert in tools. I am planning to renovate 2 rooms on my house, and my carpenters says he needs to drill from the 1st room to the next. Should I buy a new core bit drill or lease? I found and as well as for my choices of diamond core bit drill and blades. thanks for letting me ask.

Dimitri Yson said...

Good day adrix, if you are looking for superior quality tools that can help renovate your home, my uncle have a diamond wet saw blade that can easily cut any type of materials that is best for any cutting tasks. He purchased it online at Try to use diamond wet saw blade when cutting to minimize dust particles. Good luck for your home improvement.

adrix merkado said...

Yes, thanks for answering... I already brought one from It's a diamond wet core bit set and planning to go for machines at Though still scanning for the machines in some top tool sites too.

Henry said...

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Hannan Aslam said...

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