Sunday, December 27, 2009

Fire and Rescue Blades from

These fit on all gas powered and electric saws. (12" & 14" in stock)

Outlast abrasive cutting discs 100 to 1

 Cuts wood, drywall, Fire Doors, Sheet Metal, Automobile panels, plastics, Steel Studs, Reinforced Concrete, Roofs, Polyethylene, Aluminum, Lexan, Chain Link, Hardened Stainless Shackles and just about anything else. Special Discounts for Government and Fire and Rescue Departments. Steel Cutting Diamond Blades are the future when it comes to saving lives. THis blade is engineered for use by fire fighters, recue, USAR, S.W.A.T and police. Used as a Tactical Entry Tool. Diamonds are fused directly to the steel core making this the strongest heat resistant bond available when cutting without water. Contractors love this blade. If you own a gas powered saw, Get one of these! "Fire and rescue equiptment", "fire and rescue blade", "diamond blades","diamond saw blade", "diamond saw blade for steel", 
Outlast abrasive cutting discs 100 to 1


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There are certain techniques when using diamond core bit drill which also affects the core bit drill performance. Guidelines and safety precautions are being followed to ensure that the drilling project is safe and effective as well as hassle free and may help lengthen the life span of core bit drill. Always remember to wear safety gadgets for precautions such as safety glasses, proper footwear, safety suit, earplug as well as helmet for protection. In some cases, respiratory equipment may also need.

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