Thursday, September 18, 2008

Drill Bits. High Speed, Titanium, Cobalt Drill Bits

High Speed, Titanium, Cobalt Drill Bits

What's The Difference?

Yes, we have the biggest selection of drill bits on the web, however it does create a small problem. How do you decide, which drill bit is right for you?

Our Three most popular drill bits are Titanium, High Speed, and Cobalt.

All three of these have their benefits, and each one serves a special purpose. When you need a low-cost bit to just get the job done, and be reliable, whether it be wood, steal, drywall or other surfaces, High-Speed is going to be your best choice for quality and price.

For a bit harder surfaces, and a bit longer lasting cut, take the small price jump to titanium. These are our most popular bits, and have great results to back up their great reputation.

For a great cut every time, and a bit that is ToolGuy Drill Bit Warehouse Certified to outlast the competition, is our high-quality cobalt.

And don't forget, for sizes above half inch, Silver & Deming is what you need!

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