Thursday, September 18, 2008

Drill Bits and Burrs. Selecting The Proper Drill Bits and Burrs

Finding the Right Drill Bit for a Power Drill

When you buy a power drill, you’ll also want to purchase a set of drill bits. There are all kinds of drill bit sets – these bits can be used for everything from drilling into wood, glass, masonry, even metal. Specialized drill bits are made from a variety of different materials, which are best suited to the type of material you are drilling into.

Good beginner drill bit sets are twist bits – a spiraled bit with a sharp point on the end. The pointed end of the bit cuts into the material, while the spirals remove debris from the hole. The spiral surface also tends to keep the drill bit straight as you drill. These bits are used for creating basic, small holes.

Another great bit to have in any drill bit set is the flat head bit that works well as a screw driver. Imagine putting together a set of assemble-it-yourself furniture with an electric drill outfitted with a screw driver bit. You’d be done in no time.

You can find drill bit sets in either metric or inch measurement systems. If you are working on a project that requires holes for a certain diameter screw, you can match the appropriately sized drill bit to make the hole.

You’ll find that there are drill bit sets to accomplish a variety of tasks. For instance, a regular spiral head set is great for drilling into wood. You can also get drill bits that make it easy to make even, symmetrical holes – like the kind used for cord access in an entertainment center. Other bits are great if you want to drill into masonry, or into metal. There’s a drill bit set for virtually every kind of task you could think of. Looking for Concrete and Masonry bits or carbide bits, check out our complete line of drill bits and drill bit sets

Good quality drill bits can be a little expensive, but if properly cared for, will last for decades. Store drill bits in a box or case; don’t let them roll around loose in a toolbox or the cutting edges may become damaged. Occasionally, you’ll need to sharpen your drill bits, which you can do yourself with a drill sharpener, a grindstone jig, or an oilstone. The sharper your drill bits, the cleaner hole you will make.

No house should be without a power drill and a good, basic drill bit set. There’s always a job around the house – cabinets hung, shelves put up – something that requires a drill. Invest in a good quality power drill and good drill bit sets and you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish.

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