Monday, September 22, 2008

MAASDAM Comealongs. Heavy Duty Pull Jacks.

Selecting The Right Heavy Duty Pull Jacks Or Comealongs Tool

Whether you work in the construction industry or you are part of an aeronautical engineering group, you will likely need to use a pull jack or a comealong from time to time.

A comealong makes it easier to hoist heavy items or simply to move such objects from point A to point B; a pull jack helps with stretching fencing and completing other tasks that are impossible to do by hand.

Of course, when searching for a pull jack or a comealong you want to be certain to obtain a tool that is reliable, durable and capable of handling the amount of weight you need pulled or the type of chain link you need stretched.

At, you can select from a wide variety of pull jacks, including MAASDAM comealongs and heavy-duty pull jacks for stretching chain link fencing. If you are in the market for a MAASDAM comealong, you can choose from a number of different options. These include…

1 Ton. 12' CABLE Come-A-Long by MAASDAM
2 Ton CABLE Come-A-Long by MASSDAM

With so many options for you to select from, you are certain to find the comealong or pull jack to suit your individual needs. Regardless of the length you need or the amount of weight you need your comealong to handle, ToolGuy has you covered. Check out the quality tools we have available online – click here.

If you are looking for a one stop shop where you can find quality tools at reasonable prices, look no further than For fast delivery and excellent customer service that can’t be beat, buy quality MAASDAM comealongs and dependable rugged pull jacks!

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