Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The History of the Fence Plier


The Plier was invented in Europe about 2000 BC and was used most often than not to grip things that were hot.

Now, almost 4,000 years later, we have more pliers than we know what to do with. But to those of us in the Fence Industry, one man made all the difference.

In 1905, Hubert L. Wright invented what is known today as the "Hammerhead Plier," which kicked off the invention of the Modern-Day Fence plier.

Wright was connected to the Utica Drop Forge & Tool company in Utica, NY, Which is where our current UTICA Plier gets its name from. Below is the actual patent drawing submitted to the U.S. Patent Office back over 100 years ago.

Later, in 1909, H.F. Kelleman, also for the Utica Drop Forge @ Tool company Introduced what will later become the Square Nose Fence Pliers.

Because of these pliers' strength and quality, they have survived to today, and Toolguy.com is your number one source for Fence Pliers in the World.


Jade Graham said...

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Jade Graham said...

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Flip Jork said...

I decided to simply cut the ends off containing the nails. In doing so I sacrificed about 8-10" of length per panel. I would have preferred keeping that length since the area I'm putting this fence is about 200 feet long but the ends of the 2x4s were rotten anyhow so it was simpler just to remove them, nails and all.
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Rebecca A. Maynard said...

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