Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Toolguy is a part of History

Homeland Security has been a big phrase thrown around a lot lately, especially along with the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and here at toolguy.com we pride ourselves in providing some of the highest quality tools to help in every job.

But back in the 1940's, before Toolguy was established in Jan. of 1988, Homeland Security took on a different meeting. But over 60 years later, Toolguy would still have an impact on something huge. A world revolution, secretly named, The Manhattan Project.

One part of the Manhattan project was a Uranium-enrichment program based in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. The K-25, S-50, and Y-12 plants were built in the town to conduct the three processes needed to make Weapons-grade uranium.

Today, K-25 is being decommissioned and decontaminated, and the people working with this delicate task, have turned to the experts at Toolguy.com to make sure the workers only have the highest quality fence pliers, MAASDAM Come-a-longs, and all the other tools needed for the job.

In an environment where safety is a huge concern, cheep tools don't make things any safer. That’s why when people need good tools; they don't call anyone but the Toolguy.

Just recently we've got a full set of carbide burrs and coming soon, sharpening services for those burrs.

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